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We make owning rental property easy while improving profitability

Black Diamond Holdings is an Oakland based property management & real estate company, specializing in hassle-free property management services.

Real Estate Services

How We Help Buy & Sell Property:

Serving Oakland & The Bay Area

Buy and sell with confidence, knowing we're with you every step of the way.

We position your property for a quick sale and the best price.

Home search tailored to your budget and needs.

Not ready to buy? Explore our extensive leasing opportunities.

Property Management Services

How We Help with Rental Property:

We make taking care of your property easy.

Tenant Placement

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Payment Processing & Rent Collection

24-hour Maintenance & Repair

Tenant-Landlord Relationship Services

Risk Management & Prevention

Legal Compliance & Paperwork

Go Hassle Free Now

We Make Being a Landlord Easy, Even in a Tenant Friendly Region

We serve the entire bay area.

Place & Maintain Great Tenants.

Align with Tenant Rules & Avoid Problems.

We Handle the Accounting.

We handle the maintenance requests & repairs.

We process your payments & provide financials.

Expert Mortgage Solutions

Secure your mortgage with competitive rates and personalized financing options. Discover the perfect mortgage with our expert guidance and tailored solutions for a stress-free home buying journey.

Real Estate. Property Management. Finance.

We Make Being a Landlord Easy

Explore our curated range of services, each designed to meet your specific real estate needs, ensuring seamless experiences and tangible results.

Manage Rentals

Effortless Property Management.
Let us handle the complexities,
so you can enjoy worry-free ownership.

Lease Your Property

Hassle-Free Leasing.
Discover your ideal rental property
with our expert leasing services.

Buy or Sell Property

Find your dream home & sell with ease.
Navigate the real estate market effortlessly with our expert assistance.

Finance Properties

Smart Financing Solutions
Lock in your investment with our competitive rates and tailored financing options.


Properties Listed


Homes Sold


Properties Listed

Real Estate. Property Management. Finance.

Services Beyond Selling

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that whether you're stepping into new investment opportunities, or finding that dream space to call your own - every transition is smooth, strategic, and tailored to your unique vision. Dive in with confidence, knowing we're right by your side, turning complexities into clear paths forward.

Improve the Quality of Your Life, Along with Your Profitability

Experience the joy of property ownership without the everyday challenges; we handle the details. Schedule your property analysis today.

Bay Area Landlord Guides

Improve Your Profitability & Avoid Nightmare Scenarios

Being a landlord in the bay area is hard, but we'll come alongside and handle everything; no matter how difficult the problem.


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